EMBO, in an effort to address the need for clean and efficient sport bottle-filling, patented a Bottom-Fill Hydration Technology.  This technology addresses the growing need to quickly and hygienically filling sports bottles directly from the bottom…without ever touching or affecting the drinking or filling surfaces.  2020 witnessed all level of sports come to a sudden stop due to the risks involved with the spread of COVID-19. The virus has affected sport in ways that are still unmeasured or fully understood; millions of athletes worldwide lost the ability to train or compete, reducing their quest to improve and develop their skills and abilities. As the risk of contagious diseases is likely to increase in the future due to our global growth and ability to travel worldwide, the importance of safety and contamination-free sport hydration will grow and become a key factor in the hydration industry. What keeps us hydrated will be as important as how safe we can be while hydrating.

EMBO had a successful exit from the Bottom-Fill technology.